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Acid Rain.

Acid Rain.



Recommended Sites:

Acid Rain - Facts, news, children's resources, and links from Environment Canada.

The Acid Rain Report - Student-created site discusses the causes, effects, geographic distribution, and possible solutions for acid rain.

Acid Rain--A Contemporary World Problem - This website explores the causes and solutions to the acid rain problem.

Freshwater Umbrella - Research programme of applied science projects to aid DEFRA make policy decisions concerned with air pollution, acid rain, and the effects on freshwater systems in the UK.

Margot's Acid Rain SEA Project - Student's fun and informative site about acid rain, in North Carolina and in general.

National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) - US federal-state-NGO cooperative effort operating a national precipitation monitoring network to observe geographic and temporal trends in acidity, mercury, and other attributes. Includes data, maps, and meeting announcements.

PPRP Atmospheric Deposition Measurement and Analysis - Information about and from regional acid deposition monitoring programs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (USA).

UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network - Monitors the ecological impact of acid deposition in areas of the United Kingdom believed to be sensitive to acidification.

US EPA - Acid Rain - Information about causes and effects, how acid rain is measured, and what is being done to solve the problem. Includes activities for students.

US EPA Acid Rain Program - About EPA efforts reduce electric utilities' emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, the pollutants responsible for acid deposition. The program includes a system of tradable SO2 emissions allowances.

U.S. Geological Survey Data and Reports on Acid Rain, Atmospheric Deposition and Precipitation Chemistry - Information resources on acidic deposition in the United States.

What is Acid Rain and What Causes It? - A discussion of the causes and effects of acid rain, and possible policy solutions.







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