Agricultural Pollution

Agriculture: Sources and Solutions –

From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Farmers apply nutrients on their fields in the form of chemical fertilizers and animal manure, which provide crops with the nitrogen and phosphorus necessary to grow and produce the food we eat. However, when nitrogen and phosphorus are not fully utilized by the growing plants, they can be lost from the farm fields and negatively impact air and downstream water quality.

ENDURE: Diversifying Crop Protection

The European Network for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies aims to develop science-based sustainable, innovative pest control strategies to reduce pesticide use in agriculture.

European Environment Agency – Agriculture Themes

Collection of indicators, reports, links, data sets and targets on topics related to European agriculture and the environment.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Mission is to create environmentally and economically sustainable rural communities and regions through sound agriculture and trade policy. Supporting sustainable agriculture, reduced pesticide use, and related practices.

Land Allocation Decision Support System

LADSS is an agricultural research tool being developed to assist in the investigation of policy and environmental change impacts such as CAP reform and climate change.

The Land Institute

Research in natural systems agriculture featuring perennial grain polycultures using nature as its measure.

Nutrient and Water Policy Update

About U.S. federal and Pennsylvania state policies and programs to reduce environmental impacts of animal agriculture operations, plus information and links on agricultural water use and quality, impacts of concentrated animal feeding, and related topics.

Smoke Management Program

Revisions to the regulation governing agricultural burning in California.