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Animal Wastes.

Animal Wastes.



Recommended Sites:

Animal Waste Management - Handbooks and related materials for reducing environmental impacts from animal wastes; from USDA.

Animal Waste Management, University of Tennessee - Information on extension and research programs and publications, and on certification programs.

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. - Offers farmers a patented waste management process that reduces odors associated with animal agriculture and transforms the waste into a pleasant-smelling organic soil amendment, offered for sale to consumers.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations - Proposed Regulations - Text and background of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed regulations covering wastewater discharges from animal production areas and land application areas.

Families Against Rural Messes (FARM) - Anti-livestock industry group's website includes information and links about animal waste management, odors, and regulations and proposed rules intended to protect water quality, air quality, and property values.

Iowa Manure Management Action Group - IMMAG - Manure management in Iowa, IMMAG provides a vehicle for a coordinated and to improve manure management. Includes detailed information on local and federal regulations, and related publications.

Whole Farm Dairy and Beef Systems for Environmental Quality - The objective of Multistate Project NE1024 is to enhance cropping, grazing, and feeding management systems to improve animal nutrient utilization and reduce nutrient excretion.








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