Cleaning Supplies

Green Cleaning

The term green cleaning refers to a cleaning process that is designed to be environmentally friendly in terms of water pollution, air pollution, damage to the ozone layer, as well as climate change.

It involves the entire lifespan of the product, from start to the finish, beginning with its manufacture and creation, it’s use, packaging, and recycling.

Some products can emit toxic fumes that can lead to respiratory illness. Other cleaning products can leave behind a chemical residue that can irritate the skin.

The primary advantage that green cleaning products is that, while they are not only more friendly to the environment, they are also more friendly to people.

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Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities –

Schools across the nation—from private preschools to public universities—are coming up with exciting ways to make their school cleaning programs healthier, more sustainable and less costly. The Green Cleaning Award for Schools & Universities seeks to recognize leaders from among the best of these schools each year.

EPA’s Safer Choice for Green Cleaning in Schools

Safer Choice (formerly known as Design for the Environment) is the EPA label for certifying safer chemical-based products. A certification and labeling program for products that schools use, such as multi-purpose cleaners, hand soaps, whiteboard cleaners, athletic field paints, floor cleaners, window cleaners, and more.