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Endangered Species.

Endangered Species.



Recommended Sites:

Animals of the World in Danger - Listing of endangered animals and plants in the US and the world, links to environmental clipart, and photos.

The Arkgallery - Amateur photographs taken at Jersey Zoo headquarters of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Art for the Animals - USA donor scheme; channels funds from gifts to wildlife wildlife organizations.

Asian Conservation Awareness Programme - An international campaign to reduce demand for endangered species products.

Bagheera Endangered Species - An educational web site about animals vanishing from the Earth.

Biological Diversity - Special issue of Our Planet magazine, focussing on biodiversity.

Center for Private Conservation - Researches, analyzes and promotes voluntary and private means of advancing environmental conservation. Site features in-depth case studies of endangered species and landmarks, writings on the theoretical basis for private conservation, and roundtable discussions on current environmental topics.

Conservation and Consumption - Explores the tension between our conservation and consumption of natural resources.

Conservation and Development Forum - A center for ideas and research worldwide on conservation and development.

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund - An initiative for key investments in biodiversity conservation, based on the common vision that economic prosperity and conservation are linked.

EarthPulse - An initiative launched by the National Geographic Society to raise awareness about pressing global conservation issues.

Ecology Communications - A source of global environmental issues, scientific research project coverage, gardening tips for backyard ecologists, coverage of current topics.

Endangered Earth - A web site which promotes the plight of endangered animals around the world.

Endangered Species - Endangered species, factors helping and hindering their survival.

Endangered Species 2000 - Educating about the importance of preserving endangered species of the next millennium

Endangered Species at EELink - Links to Internet resources about endangered species.

Endangered Species Resource Center - A great place for student and teacher alike to find information on endangered species anywhere in the world.

FAQ - WWF International - This searchable archive of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and environment-related FAQs, presents answers to common queries, and links to sources of detailed information.

Global Issues - Biodiversity - An overview of environmental issues threatening biodiversity, focussing on political causes and climate change.

Investing In Nature - Conservation projects, funded by a financial services business, working with Botanic Gardens Conservation International, Earthwatch and WWF.

Keep The Wild Alive - Supports endangered species protection through education, creating public awareness, implementing and encouraging innovative conservation efforts to save species and habitats.

Nature and Wildlife Encylopaedia - Personal site about endangered wild animals.

Preserving Our Vanishing Wildlife - A feature on wildlife conservation, including threatened endangered plants and animals and the impact of conservation.

World Wide Fund for Nature | Species Programme - Conservation project news, factsheets and status reports of threatened species such as great apes, rhinos, whales and tigers.








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