Environmental Consultants

What is an environmental consultant?

An environmental consultant is someone who plays an essential role in both the private and public sector, protecting our natural resources by addressing issues such as water pollution, air pollution, soil erosion, and soil contamination.

Environmental consultants can also be found in organizations that are developing new technologies and renewable energy. A primary role of the consultant is to advise clients in private industry or public government institutions on how to steer clear of possible fines.

Or, if a company is considering buying a piece of land for development, the consultant can assess the land before the purchase, conduct field surveys, and collect data to establish the potential impact of the development of the area under consideration.

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A guide from Study.com. Environmental consultants are earth scientists who assist in the creation, analysis and enforcement of government policies designed to protect the environment from industrial hazards. They typically work for government agencies or consulting firms, monitoring and inspecting work sites to assure compliance with local health and safety standards.

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