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Global Sustainability.

Global Sustainability.



Recommended Sites:

Can China Feed Itself? - An in-depth on-line analysis of China's food prospects - with hundreds of tables, charts, maps, animations, remote sensing images, and Web links on population, food, and agriculture. From IIASA.

Carbonrally Climate Change Community - A source of small lifestyle change challenges individuals and teams can take to lower their CO2 impact on the environment.

Center for Natural Lands Management - CNLM is cooperator with land trusts, conservation organizations, public agencies, developers and other land managers that require expertise in the management of environmentally sensitive lands.

CorporateRegister.com - A directory of published corporate environmental, sustainability and social reports. Developed as an information tool for stakeholders in the field of environmental and social reporting.

Earth Policy Institute - Overview of mission, publications and meetings on environmentally sustainable economy, ongoing assessment of efforts, progress and problems. Based in Washington DC.

Ecosustainable Links - Sustainable Environment - Thousands of links to resources and tools on ecology, environment and sustainability.

Global Public Media - A portal dedicated to raising awareness on the topic of peak oil production and actions that can be taken.

Global Sustainability Institute, RMIT University - A research facility in Melbourne, Australia provides mission statement, staff profiles, current projects, and online teaching modules for classes.

Global System for Sustainable Development - A project of the Global Accords Consortium for Sustainable Development housed at MIT. GSSD consists of an index to some of the best resources and materials on sustainability on the Internet.

Green Earth Friend - A site promotes global sustainable living, renewable energy and environmental awareness.

Greener People - A community dedicated to helping people live more sustainable lives and promoting awareness for renewable energy and conservation issues affecting the world.

The Jo'Burg Memo: Fairness in a Fragile World - The Memorandum is Heinrich Boell Foundation's contribution to the debate on both the desired outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit and the critical path for the sustainable development agenda in the next decade. around the World Summit 2002.

Live Green Live Smart - A site which promotes a sustainable planet through education, linking of resources and projects that foster a global green community.

NUSAP.net - Resource for exchange of views and education in sustainability, precaution, post normal science, knowledge quality assessment, and the management of uncertainty.

Slashdot | Cradle to Cradle - Slashdot discussion of the book: Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough by Michael Braungart.

Sustainable Futures Institute: Michigan Technological University - Educational and research institute dedicated to enhance knowledge, develop technologies and expand capabilities to achieve sustainability.

World Peace Sustainability Indicators - This unofficial and independent page contains some ideas in an attempt to trigger the development of World Peace Sustainability Indicators.








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