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Green Energy.

Green Energy.



Recommended Sites:

Asian Regional Research Programme in Energy, Environment and Climate, ARRPEEC - Conducting research on energy-environment-climate issues in Asia. Objectives include mitigation of greenhouse gases and other hazardous emissions. Centered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Avian Collision and Electrocution: An Annotated Bibliography - California Energy Commission compilation of information about losses of birds due to collisions with power lines, towers, wind turbines, and other structures, and from electrocution by power lines.

Citizen Power Alliance - Coalition of independent groups organized to promote sound energy and environmental policies. CPA holds public officials and regulators accountable, while seeking the protection of the public interest.

Coal Combustion, Inc. - Provides coal and power industries with sound coal quality and utilization services through classes, seminars, and training. Offers articles, publications, and stories.

CoalBed Methane Coordination Coalition - Wyoming group concerned with protecting ownership and lease rights, preventing waste or damage to natural resources, providing safe working and living environments, and other aspects of coalbed methane development.

Electrotechnology Applications Center - Provides confidential assistance to businesses to improve productivity, increase energy efficiency, and achieve and maintain environmental compliance.

Energy - Ministère des Ressources naturelles - Information on how the Québec government and its partners develop, distribute and manage natural resources, in particular hydro-electricity and new forms of energy such as solar and wind energy.

Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Science:Energy - Energy planning, alternative fuels, geothermal, energy conservation, energy efficient housing, and heat pumps.

EPA Clean Energy Site - EPA site to supply information on clean energy programs. Home of Power Profiler and eGRID.

Green Energy Project - Information on "green energy" sources, energy-related emissions and their environmental impacts, and economic benefits of emissions reductions.

Green Hope: Green Syria - Provides information on green alternatives to oil and gas, petrochemical and energy production in Syria and how to help minimise impact on the environment.

International Energy Agency: Environment - Policy analyses on several topics related to energy technology and the environment.

Modern Dragons: Threatening Global Disaster - Essays on various topics related to energy and the environment. One essay argues that sensationalization of threats from nuclear power has created a public phobia similar to the irrational fear of dragons felt by naïve peasants of the Middle Ages.

National Photovoltaic Environmental, Health and Safety Assistance Center - Information and analysis on environmental aspects of photovoltaic (solar electric) technology, including concerns about heavy metals in solder. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Our Energy - Blog discussing renewable and non-renewable energy sources and the impact of energy production on the environment and ecosystems.

Renewing India - A site dedicated to energy and environment in India. An exhaustive information on all forms of renewable energy and energy efficiency, energy policies, news, newsletters, and articles.

Roy's Home Page - Information and analysis on the human and environmental impacts of hydroelectric projects and other energy technology, dam safety, integrated resource planning, and other topics. Includes comparative study of hydroelectric projects in Canada and India.

Safe Waste And Power - A consultancy company that promotes the use of Plasma Gasification for waste disposal and power generation. Describes what it is and how it works.

SGA Energy Limited - Environmental consulting firm of engineers and economists performing studies on renewable energy development, climate change topics, and other aspects of energy and environment, in Canada and internationally.

Solar Electric Light Fund - non-profit charity which promotes solar rural electrification and energy self-sufficiency in developing countries.

Solar Site - Lists innovative uses of solar energy used around the planet.

Tata Energy Research Institute, TERI - A non-profit, scientific and policy research organization, working in India and globally in the fields of energy, environment and a whole range of sustainable development issues.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Clean Energy - Examines benefits and costs of energy use, and promotes energy technologies that are renewable, safe, and cost-effective.

Western Research Institute - Conducts research and develops technologies for mitigating environmental effects of energy technologies. Includes information on coal, ash, heavy oil refining, alternative fuels, spill remediation, and related topics. Based in Laramie, Wyoming.

American Methanol Institute - A non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to supporting the greater use of methanol as a clean energy resource.

Austrian Biofuels Institute - An international centre of competence for liquid biofuels such as biodiesel and bioethanol. News items, articles, scope of their efforts, and a list of members.

BBI International - Provides ethanol and biodiesel companies with feasibility studies and analysis. Describes various technologies available, links to upcoming events, and their trade magazines.

BioEnergy Resources - A resource for bioenergy, bioconversion, and bioprocess technology.

Biofuels - Describes use and characteristics of biofuels such as biodiesel, biogas, landfill gas, and biomass.

Biofuels Conferences - Lists details about ethanol, biodiesel, biomass and bioenergy workshops, tradeshows and industry events.

BioFuels Journal - Includes a collection of news items, links to biofuel websites, articles, and events.

Biofuels: Journey to Forever - Biofuels site provides comprehensive information about biodiesel and ethanol with a lot more about environment friendly nature of biofuels.

Biomass and Bioenergy - An international journal publishing original research papers, reviews and case studies on biological resources, chemical and biological processes, and biomass products for new renewable sources of energy, food and materials. Tables of contents with abstracts; full text by subscription.

British Association for Bio Fuels and Oils (BABFO) - An organisation dedicated to the promotion of transport fuels and oils from renewable sources, namely biodiesel and ethanol. Offers a biodiesel handbook, news items, facts, and newsletters.

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association - Ethanol fuels, ethanol from wastes, and biodiesel.

CHAPOSA - Charcoal Potential In Southern Africa - Project investigating the potential for a sustainable supply of charcoal to low-income households in urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

DOE: Biomass Research and Development Initiative - Program of the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) to facilitate and support bio-industry by increasing the production and utilization of energy from forest products, agricultural products, and wastes. Includes program information, terms and fact sheets.

European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - Information about the conference and exhibition and the previous conferences. 2 - 6 June 2008, Spain.

The Glycerol Challenge - Research consortium investigating the feasibility of manufacturing biofuels from glycerol. Includes chemical process data and downloads.

Handbook of Energy Crops - Detailed descriptions of about 200 plant species that can be used to produce energy.

IEA Bioenergy - An international collaboration to accelerate the use of environmentally sound and cost-competitive bioenergy on a sustainable basis. Includes tasks, research and development networks, case studies, library, directory and media centre.

IEA Biomass Combustion and Co-firing - Biomass Combustion and Co-firing task of the IEA Bioenergy Agreement. Technical documents and reports can be downloaded.

Inetec - Provides innovative on-site and off-site solutions for turning food waste into renewable energy.

Maui Green Energy - Advocacy group promoting biodiesel and other renewable energy resources. Includes information on the technology and its uses.

Northeast Regional Biomass Program - They evaluate biomass technologies and fuels and to provide objective, reliable information to consumers and policy leaders in the United States.

Planet Power - Information about biomass energy crop research projects in Florida, including studies on crop production, harvesting and grinding, and co-firing with coal. Also has information and links on other renewable-energy topics.

PureVision Technology - Has a biomass treatment process capable of producing fiber, energy, chemicals and sugars from diverse biomass feedstocks and waste streams.

Renew the Earth - Organization working to promote renewable biofuels. Includes project overview, conference calendar and scientific documents.

SenterNovem - Activities in the Netherlands in the area of bioenergy. [English and Dutch]

Shell: Biofuels - Overview of the different types of biofuels. Addresses applications, production and ecological impact.

US Department of Energy - Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network (BFIN) - Information resources by feedstock type including fact sheets, reports, journal articles, presentations, databases and models with glossary, images, links, news and events.

US Department of Energy - International Biorefinery Workshop - Information about the annual event including agenda, event photos, contacts and details of exhibitors, speakers and invitees. Downloadable program book and summary highlights.

U.S. Department of Energy Biomass Program - Develops technology for conversion of biomass to fuels, chemicals, materials, and power. Includes general information about biofuels, program research, resource and market issues, and publications and data.

Wikipedia: Biofuel - Encyclopedia article covers classes of fuel, energy content, problems and solutions, international efforts and additional resources.

World Biofuels Symposium - Discusses the various facets of the biofuels industry. Lists a program agenda, who should attend, and registration details. China.








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