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Ground Water.

Ground Water.



Recommended Sites:

Aquifer Test Forum - Information relating to the design, performance and evaluation of aquifer tests, including pumping tests, slug tests and single-well tests

CMI Aquifers Group - Describes research on the behavior of carbon dioxide in hydrogeologic systems, aimed at developing systems for storing carbon in saline aquifers.

Distributed Aquifer Recharge Enhancements in Arid Zones - Paper describes a modeling study to explore possible options for enhancing natural recharge.

Dye Tracing - Explains the process of using dyes for cave tracing, finding groundwater contaminants, wellhead protection programs, tracking sewer leaks and mapping pipelines. Provides information about the technique, and case histories.

Elango's Home Page - Faculty member of Anna University, Chennai, India describes research and teaching in hydrogeology, groundwater modeling and hydrogeochemistry.

Environment Canada: Groundwater - A thorough introduction to the topic of ground water and its management. Part of Environment Canada's "Fresh Water" web site.

Fayette County Groundwater Conservation District - Mission is to protect and conserve the underground water resources for the current and future residents of Fayette County, Texas. Offers publications, information on projects and services as well as general information.

Ground Water Modelling Discussion Group - A forum for technical discussions; announcement of new software; calls for abstracts and papers; conference and workshop announcements; and summaries of research results, recent publications, and case studies.

The Groundwater Foundation - Dedicated to the education about and preservation of our most important natural resource.

Groundwater Geochemistry and Remediation, University of Waterloo - Summaries of research activities on the fate, transport and remediation of dissolved metals, metalloids and nutrients in groundwater, as well as development and application of in situ permeable reactive barrier technologies and reactive transport modelling.

Groundwater in British Columbia - B.C. ministry site, with general ground water information, water well data, information on groundwater consultants, and links.

Groundwater Tracing Unit, University College London - British research group. Describes current activities and capabilities in the use of tracers in hydrogeology, provides background on this technology and it history, lists consultancy capabilities, and lists links to related sites.

Henry Darcy and His Law - About Henri Darcy and his contributions to understanding flow in porous media. Includes biography, discussions of basic concepts and the Darcy-Weisbach equation, and a lab procedure for falling-head permeability tests.

The Hydrogeologist's Home Page - Collection of hundreds of links to hydrogeological organizations, software and data repositories, publications, and other resources.

Hydrogeology Research Group, University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Conducts research on contaminant transport in groundwater and age-dating of groundwater.

King County (Washington) Groundwater Management - Generic and local information on the occurrence, movement, and management of ground water.

National Centre for Groundwater Management, UTS (Sydney, Australia) - Consultancy and training in groundwater and environmental applications. Information about courses, distance learning (including online), research and consultancy interests, and links.

Organic Compounds in Near Surface Environments - Describes USGS studies of organic contaminants in groundwater, including landfill leachate and petroleum spills. Focus is on biological and chemical processes that control contaminant fate.

PEST Parameter Estimation Groundwater Modeling Workshop - The Groundwater Resources Association is conducting a workshop "Model Calibration and Predictive Uncertainty Analysis Using PEST" April 19-21, 2004, Santa Ana, CA

Publications of C. P. Kumar - Technical papers of Mr. C. P. Kumar, Scientist, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee - 247667 (Uttaranchal), India.

SaltNet: Saltwater Intrusion Resources Network - Bibliography, computer codes, directory of researchers, and other information resources related to salt water intrusion into coastal groundwater aquifers.

UK Groundwater Forum - Source of information and a platform for information exchange on groundwater topics in and for the UK.

The University of Arizona Contaminant Transport Group - Publications lists and other information from the Brusseau research group, which investigates the fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface.

University of Birmingham School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences - Hydrogeology research including groundwater resources, numerical modelling, geochemistry, g/w contamination and remediation. Taught programmes include hydrogeology and hydroinformatics MSc courses, CPD modules and short courses.

Water Framework Directive - Groundwater Statistics - Report from a European Union project to develop statistical methods for data aggregation for assessment of groundwater quality status, including trend assessment.

Young-Jin Kim - Describes his research, particularly on preferential flow and its influence to contaminant transport in the vadose zone.








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