Invasive Species


An invasive species is any kind of species that is growing and reproducing in a new ecosystem outside of its native ecosystem. An invasive species can be any kind of organism, animal or plant. If they grow and reproduce quickly, they can be very aggressive, potentially causing great harm to the ecosystem that they are invading. In some cases they are the leading threat to native wildlife.

Although species can invade new ecosystems naturally, the term “invasive species” is used primarily to refer to a species that has spread by human action. For example, organisms can be accidentally carried in the ballast water of ships. Insects can stow away in shipping crates, with fruits or vegetables. Invasive species can be plants that are sold as decorative plants, that later spread like wildfire and propogate into in the wild, competing with and strangling out the native plant life. They can be pets that escape, or get intentionally released into the wild.

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