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Lakes and Ponds.

Lakes and Ponds.



Recommended Sites:

Castle Lake Limnological Research Station - Website of the UCDavis Limnological Research Station at Castle Lake, northern California, offering data examples, research and lake food web descriptions, publication bibliography, and photo gallery.

Distinctive Lakes of the Earth - A group of tables ranking the lakes of the Earth by volume, surface area and depth.

Lake Superior-Lake Baikal Institute - Geography, research, and photographs of the world's two largest lakes: Lake Superior (USA-Canada; largest in surface area) and Lake Baikal (Russia; deepest and largest by volume). Includes information on island research and photography.

Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program - A community-based water monitoring program based around the 25 Missouri Lakes, with a strong emphasis on educating the people about lake ecology and water quality.

Southern California Water - Water conservation and reclamation in Southern California, to protect Mono Lake and other fragile systems.








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