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Noise Pollution.

Noise Pollution.



Recommended Sites:

The Noise Consultancy, LLC  - Noise consulting services to municipalities, industry and impacted residents, including: sound studies; ordinance development; enforcement issues; acoustical modeling; planning and zoning; impact statements; private and public nuisance advocacy.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse  - An information resource with online database. Campaigns on specific noise issues and distributes "Quiet Zone" newsletter. Offers CD demonstrating worst noise offenders. Often quoted by major media.

Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition - Dedicated to protecting the rights of Alaskans to quiet places for the benefit of public land users, private property owners, and visitors

Ban the Cannons - British Columbia group wants ban on propane cannons and other noise polluting bird scare devices in the Fraser Valley.

CBC Marketplace - Loud Movies - CBC news program investigates sound levels in popular movies. Includes detailed analysis of several recent movies.

Citizens Against Noise - Los Angeles

EPA History - Noise - U.S. EPA Documents Concerning Noise Pollution

Farm Noise and Hearing Project - South Australian network of farmers and health professionals promoting hearing conservation in rural communities.

Hearing Damage and Loud Music - On the relationship between loud noise and ear damage, with particular reference to young people and loud music.

Honku: Haiku about Traffic Noise - An international movement grown from one man's therapeutic exercise to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by too many honking vehicles outside his apartment window in Brooklyn

Hush the Bus Movement - A group of Hong Kong residents fed up with noise pollution from televisions pumping out noise and ads on commuter buses.

International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise - Sponsoring international congresses every 5 years since 1968, this organization's members are recognized as the leading authorities on the subject of noise and health

Landscapers Involved with Neighborhoods and Kids (LINK) - Aims to reduce leaf blower noise by networking with others. Includes news release template and contact details.

League for the Hard of Hearing - Nonprofit aimed at providing a network for consciousness raising and reducing noise. Contains information on airport noise, legislation, fact sheets, how to get involved, and hazards to avoid. Located in New York and Florida, United States.

Loud Car Stereos - Bulletin from the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing

Lower the Boom! - Anti-boomcar information.

Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation - Defending the natural quiet of Minnesota trails and waterways from snowmobile and personal watercraft noise

No Boom Cars - Louisville KY - Boom Car noise pollution in Louisville is out of control, we demand enforcement of the new noise ordinance

Noise Abatement Society - The Noise Abatement Society (NAS) promotes ways to combat antisocial noise. The Society's annual John Connell Awards recognize local iniatives to address noise complaints.

Noise and Traffic - Information on effects of noise on people, noise regulations, standards and control of noise production by vehicles, machinery etc.

Noise Mapping England - First stage in the development of a National Ambient Noise Strategy for England. Aims to monitor the environmental noise climate across England.

Noise Net - Noise and Vibration Information in the UK - Mainly a business directory, but also a source of good information.

Noise Off Charitable Trust - Noise Off Charitable Trust - Promoting the reduction of motor vehicle noise emissions throughout New Zealand for the improvement of the heath and well being of our communities and the quality of our environment

NOISE Tasmania - Dedicated to the elimination of unwanted noise from any source which causes discomfort, stress or adverse health problems

Noisefree America - NFA's monthly "Dirty Dozen" awards spotlight worst noise polluters.

NoiseOFF - Coalition of world citizens combating noise pollution blighting communities everywhere.

Quiet DC - Focuses on noise problems in the Washington, DC Metro area

Quiet Use Coalition - Quiet use of wilderness areas is presented as a normal use and argues against enabling gas engine, motorized machines in the quiet, national forests in U.S.

Right to Quiet - Vancouver, BC, nonprofit society working to raise awareness of the value, benefits, and difficulties in obtaining quiet.

Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center - Providing training in sound level measurement for enforcement of municipal noise codes, the center has been providing assistance for over 35 years

Scarsdale Anti-Noise Patrol - Campaign to enforce Scarsdale's summer ban of gas-powered leaf blowers, with noise pollution links, photo galleries, and hearing protection recommendations.

Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee - Argentina group promotes public noise awareness and advises citizens and city officials on noise problems

Silent Majority: Citizens against car alarms - Website for a new campaign to ban car alarms from New York City.

Stress and Noise - Franklin Institute Report

UK - Noise Act of 1996 - Full text of the UK Noise Act of 1996.







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