Over Population

David Attenborough: The planet can’t cope with overpopulation

In an interview for BBC, the 92-year-old British broadcaster said: “In the long run, population growth has to come to an end. There are some reasons for thinking that will happen almost inevitably. ” Article from the World Economic Forum.

Global population impacts us all

Every person deserves sufficient land, food, shelter, and water. And every week, 1.5 million people are added to the 7.6+ billion already on the planet. That is more than 220,00 people per day – or another 150 people per minute.  How can our world endlessly provide for us? 

The Book That Incited a Worldwide Fear of Overpopulation

‘The Population Bomb’ made dire predictions—and triggered a wave of repression around the world. Article from Smithsonian Magazine.

Over Population Problem

Several reasons why population, and specifically overpopulation, is a problem. Article from the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB).

Human overpopulation of the earth myth

The problem of human overpopulation of the Earth is often raised in different social settings and especially in some media, often resulting in the promotion of antinatalist policies. But is our planet really overpopulated?