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Recommended Sites:

Australian Permaculture Information and Design Service - Information on organic and permaculture agriculture.

Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Basalt, Colorado - Permaculture training in the Colorado Rockies or The Bahamas. Also consulting.

David Holmgren - David Holmgren was the research student and co-originator with Bill Mollison, his research supervisor, of the permaculture concept.

EcoLandTech - Extensive web directory of permaculture and related topics.

Eugene Permaculture Guild - Organization seeks to educate members and the community about the principles of sustainable living. Features photos, events and newsletter.

Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute - This institute, located in Ithaca, NY, offers affordable classes, permaculture design certification and workshops for sustainable living within the context of northeastern US ecosystems.

The Food Forest - A 40 acre permaculture demonstration, and production property at Gawler, South Australia. Offers consulting services, learning courses, information, and tours.

Instituto de Permacultura Cerrado-Pantanal - Good collection of permaculture information resources, with special focus on projects, courses, people, and newsletters in Brazil. (English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages)

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture - Information, reading list, and links on permaculture and community-supported agriculture.

Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA) guide to Permaculture.

Klein Karoo Sustainable Drylands Permaculture Project - Provides information on this permaculture eco-village in South Africa.

Kootenay Permaculture Institute - Information about the permaculture research and education undertaken by the institute based in British Columbia, Canada.

La'akea Permaculture Gardens/Permaculture in Hawaii - Offers month-long courses in permaculture design and deep ecology.

Luscious Landscapes - Offers permaculture consultancy and training, garden restoration and landscape design services. Based in NSW, Australia.

Midwest Permaculture - Provides an introductory seminar and a Permaculture Design Certification Course including Webinar study where students access information over the Internet.

Naturewise Permaculture and Forest Gardens - About programs in London, UK, promoting permaculture and forest gardens, including courses on permaculture.

No solo Permacultura: Not only Permaculture - Blog containing notes, articles and practices concerning permaculture and sustainable life, partly in Spanish.

Northern Alberta Permaculture Institute - Dedicated to practical ways to live sustainably on this planet and the exploration and application of permaculture principles in urban and country settings.

Permaculture From Down Under - Introduction to permaculture in hot climates.

The Permaculture Activist - North American permaculture periodical, providing a current listing of upcoming permaculture design courses, and offering articles on permaculture design, edible landscaping, bioregionalism, aquaculture, natural building, renewable energy.

Permaculture in New Zealand - Information about the world of permaculture in New Zealand. Site also has event listings and a question and answer forum.

Permaculture International Ltd - Publisher Permaculture International Journal, now a networking organization connecting permaculture groups and activists as well as offering an electronic newsletter.

Permaculture: Method of Agriculture, Way of Life - Article describes the permaculture philosophy, outlines its history, and discusses prospects for its future. From Catalyst, a student magazine at Brown University.

Permaculture Portal - Provides users with a helpful gateway to permaculture courses, events, services, and resources. The Portal is also the online home for the Bullocks' permaculture site in Orcas Island, Washington.

The Permaculture Project - Promotes true self-reliance for all through personal and customized consultation, research, design, implementation, workshops and seminars.

Permaculture Research - A collection of basic information on a wide range of topics connected with permaculture and sustainable growing.

Permaculture Research Institute - Permaculture Forums, Courses, Information, News and Worldwide Reports.

Permaculture Sydney Basin - Dedicated to people interested in permaculture within and around the Sydney Basin in Australia.

Permaculture The Earth - Offers information about sustainable design and interactive forums for the discussion of topics related to permaculture.

Permaculture Visions International - Worldwide Permaculture School and support network with students in over 20 countries. Collection of writings and ideas about permaculture. Offers permaculture courses by distance learning.

Permanent Publications - Subscription information for Permaculture Magazine and a catalogue of available books, videos, and other resources focused on permaculture in the UK.

Pierre's Permaculture Page - Information on permaculture (including its ethics and principles), where to take permaculture courses, and other links.

Robert Hart's Forest Garden - A small celebration of Robert's forest garden at Wenlock Edge, described as 'possibly the UK's only fully developed Permaculture Project.'

SEED International - Environmental planning and design for permaculture and ecologically sound village designs. Australia.

Sustainability as Seen from a Vegetable Garden - The site is an honours thesis completed in 1999. It looks at urban sustainability as highlighted by community gardens in Sydney, Australia.

UK Permaculture Association - Provides information about the association, courses, UK links and general permaculture information.

Weeds or Wild Nature? - 1997 article by David Holmgren, one of the co-founders of the permaculture movement, discusses the evolution of ideas related to environmentally progressive responses to weeds and pests, with particular focus on Australia.








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