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Pest Control.

Pest Control.



Recommended Sites:

Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP) - A professional association representing the biological pest control industry.

Behavior and Biocontrol Research Unit - Provides information on research into novel and environmentally friendly solutions to old and new agricultural problems.

Beneficial Insects and Mites - Article discussing how beneficial insects may be classed as predators, parasitoids or competitors, all of which can be used in biological control, with information on species that are available for purchase and release.

Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Unit - Branch of the USDA that tests and imports exotic natural enemies of insect pests, using classical biological approaches.

Biocontrol Method for Reedgrass - Information on the use of pathogens to suppress reedgrass in reforestation areas.

Biological Control - Text and photographs describing the biological control of insect, disease and weed pests.

Biological Control of Insect and Mite Pests - Article dealing with classical biological control using introduced species, augmentation of naturally occurring enemies and conservation of the enemies already present in the environment.

Biological Control of Locusts - Locust and grasshopper control is currently carried out with chemical pesticides. This article describes control measures using a myco-pesticide based on the spores of a fungus pathogenic to insects.

Biological Control of Mikania micrantha - Describes a biological control project being piloted in Fiji and Papua New Guinea, using caterpillars and a rust fungus to control mile-a-minute weed, Mikania micrantha.

Biological Control of Turfgrass Snowmolds with the Fungus Typhula phacorrhiza - Dr. Tom Hsiang, at the University of Guelph, outlines his research into the use of a fungus to control a different fungus that causes serious damage to turf under lying snow.

Biological Control Virtual Information Center - Biological control is the use of one organism to suppress another. Information on the method from the Center for Integrated Pest Management, NC State University.

Biological Pest Control - Reference and application guide for the use of the parasitic nematodes Steinernema for pest control.

Bug Vacuums for Organic Crop Protection - Field vacuums provide a non-chemical approach to insect pest management. This article discusses their advantages and disadvantages and the sourcing of suitable equipment.

Commercialization of biopesticides in Southeast Asia - A project supporting market introduction of biocontrol products for non-chemical crop protection, pest and disease control.

Considerations for Purchasing and Releasing Biological Control Products - Advice for the potential user of natural enemies who must be aware of the legal and biological limitations of these biological control methods.

Entomopathogens and Microbial Control - Information on research into using specific micro-organisms that kill arthropods to control pests, especially the varroa mite, spider mites and cabbage root fly.

History of Biological Pest Control - Including specifics on the biological control of pests of medical and veterinary importance. The site is maintained by Dr. E. F. Legner.

Hylobius Transversovittatus - Article describing the control of the invasive plant purple loosestrife by the use of this introduced weevil.

Insect Attractants and Traps - Article discussing how certain chemicals can lure insect pests into traps where their numbers can be monitored, or can be used to control insect populations directly by mass trapping or mating disruption.

Leatherjacket Control in Organic Systems - Information on the life cycle of these pests, their prevention and control.

Microbial Insecticides - Article discussing the use of selected bacteria, especially Bacillus thuringiensis, viruses, fungi, protozoa and nematodes in the control of insect pests.

Midwest Biological Control News - Discusses the use of insects to control crop, garden, and home pests. Includes an index and archived back issues.

Natural Enemies and Biological Control - Article discussing beneficial insects and their use in the biological control of pests as a part of an integrated pest management program, with details and photographs of those commonly found in Florida.

Natural Products for Insect Pest Management - Outlines the general traits required of botanicals and other natural products used in pest control and discusses several possible sources.

Nematodes as Biological Control Agents of Insects - Information on how entomopathogenic nematodes can be used to control insect pests, and the taxonomy and systematics of these nematodes.

Nematodes as Biological Control Agents of Insects - Information on nematodes that attack insect pests by killing or hampering their development, are capable of mass production, and which can be used as biological control agents.

New Sex Drug Turns Locusts Solo - Article describing how researchers have isolated a pheromone that locusts emit when they want to be left alone to mate. Use of this could prove an effective new weapon against this destructive species.

Non-Chemical Methods for Controlling Diseases - Article discussing the factors that might encourage disease in plants, the use of resistant varieties, the exclusion of infected material, the sterilization of soil and other cultural practices. [PDF]

Novel Mycoherbicides for Biological Control of Aquatic Weeds - Describes research into the use of fungal pathogens which are capable of killing problem weeds such as Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth. [PDF]

Soil Solarization - Information on this non-chemical, environment-friendly method for controlling soilborne pathogens, nematodes and weeds. [PDF]

Stored Grain Pest Management - Effective control of stored grain pests with minimal pesticide use requires an integrated approach combining sanitation, monitoring and other preventive practices. This article looks at non-toxic treatments and biological control using natural enemies.

Using Beauveria bassiana for Insect Management - Information on using this fungus for biological control of foliar pests.

Weed-feeders - Describes in detail the available biological agents for control of various introduced weeds in the US.








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