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Rivers and Streams.

Rivers and Streams.



Recommended Sites:

American Heritage Rivers - U.S. government program to protect and restore America's rivers and their watersheds. Includes information to help local communities become involved in river projects.

American Rivers - American Rivers is a national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring America's rivers and to fostering a river stewardship ethic.

American Whitewater - American Whitewater aims to conserve and restore America's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. Activities include education, conservation, events, safety, and river access.

Australian Conservation Foundation: Rivers and Water Campaign - ACF's Healthy Rivers and Waters campaign aims to improve the quality of rivers and return them to their natural state. Includes information about restoring the Murray Darling and Snowy rivers and campaigns against dams in Australia.

British Columbia (BC) and Yukon River Levels - Real time river level information in British Columbia and Yukon Territory, from Environment Canada.

Collective Betterment Environmental - Scientists are working on issues related to the geomorphic and ecological effects of dam removal. Listserv offers information on recent dam removals.

Dr. Robert N. Crittenden - Essays on the management of land and water sheds in Western Washington State.

Environment Agency of England and Wales - UK government agency concerned mainly with rivers, flooding, and pollution. Public information and educational materials, "What's in your backyard?" pollution database, and current flood warnings for the UK.

EPA's Surf Your Watershed - Environmental Protection Agency's service to help citizens locate environmental information about their local regions. Includes atlas of watersheds, how to adopt your local watershed, and watershed indicators.

EUROCAT European Catchments and their Impact on the Coast - An EU-funded project that aims to achieve integrated catchment management and sustainable use of water resources at a catchment scale. Focuses on three coastal seas (Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea) and six associated river catchments (Vistula, Elbe, Rhine, Humber, Po, and Axios).

European Rivers Network: RiverNet - Mainly European information on river-basins, ecological projects, organizations working on rivers, and threats to rivers. Includes comprehensive page of European river links. Multilingual site.

Freshwater Data Tables: World Resources Institute - Definitive statistical tables from World Resources 2000-2001 covering Freshwater Resources and Withdrawals, Groundwater and Desalinization, and Major Watersheds of the World. (Tables are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format only.)

Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) - Award-winning, international education program that involves young people in hands-on river education, conservation, and restoration projects.

Montana Water Trust - A private, nonprofit trust that works cooperatively with landowners to increase tributary flow to benefit Montana's native fish species.

The National Rivers Website - Provides information on canoeing, kayaking, fly-fishing, rafting, river conservation, river access, and river navigability law.

National Weather Service Hydrologic Information Center - Current hydrologic conditions, flood summaries, river forecasts, and related information for the U.S. Also links to other hydrometeorological information resources.

The Natural Tendencies of Rivers - Essay by J. G. Imhof of Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Includes a classification of stream types (with examples from Ontario) and explains how different streams favor different species.

NSADP: Northern Sinai Agricultural Development Program - Examines political and environmental issues surrounding a proposed irrigation project in Egypt, the effect on the River Nile, and the possibility of "water wars" between Egypt and other countries who depend on the Nile.

Nujiang Hydrogeography - Spatial and temporal analysis of precipitation, temperature and potential evaporation in the Yunnan Upper Salween (Nujiang) River Basin.

Patapsco River Conservation Project - A conservation effort cleaning this Maryland river. Includes a brief history, timeline, famous events, environmental news, updates, photos, and pictures.

Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems: Freshwater Systems - The World Resources Institute reports that the world's freshwater ecosystems are dangerously degraded. Provided as HTML and PDF.

RestoringRivers.org - Information about the National River Restoration Science Synthesis (NRRSS) project, which aims to provide a United States national level synthesis that can be used to inform policy at local, regional, and national levels.

Riparian Buffer Systems - Riparian buffers are established and managed to reduce the impact of adjacent land use. Features information from the Wye Research and Education Center at the University of Maryland.

Riparian Management Systems - Information about Riparian Management Systems how they help protect water quality through nitrate, phosphorus, and sediment removal. Site from Iowa State University includes details of project sites, FAQs, publications, and research details.

River Network - Committed to solving river problems through grassroots citizen action. Works with private land owners and public agencies to acquire and conserve critical areas. Resources for local groups, grants for local projects, and details of the River Conservancy conservation project.

River Research and Applications - International journal of basic and applied scientific research on biological, ecological, geomorphological, hydrological, engineering and geographical aspects of rivers. Free access to abstracts.

River Thames: Floating Down the River - Wide range of information about the River Thames in England. Includes geology, geography, statistics, navigation, history, pollution, locks, origins of place names, and boat mooring information.

River World - Dedicated to the conservation and improved management of waterways worldwide. News bulletins and pictures.

Rivers of the Earth - Rivers of the Earth ranked by river length, river system length, drainage basin area, and average discharge rate.

Rivers of the World: Their Beauty and Majesty - Provides comparative ecological and other information about 16 of the world's major rivers: Congo, Mississippi, Columbia, Blackstone, Volga, Ganges, Pawtuxet, Connecticut, Colorado, Amazon, Missouri, Murray-Darling, Hudson, Nile, Euphrates, and Housatonic.

Stream Systems Technology Center - USDA Forest Service organization that develops and implements methdologies for study of stream hydrology. Site provides information about physical aspects of wildland streams, especially fluvial geomorphology.

UK Rivers Network - Network of river groups in the UK and Ireland. News and a message board for the UK rivers community.

Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center - About the Upper Mississippi River System - General description of and information about the 1,300-mile Upper Mississippi River System. Includes heritage, economic, and environmental information and details of current threats faced by the river.

U.S. Geological Survey Surface-Water Field Techniques Training Class - Online course provides a basic understanding of techniques the USGS uses to collect streamflow data.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Cableway Safety Training Class - Web-based class describes how cableways are used for measuring stream flow and how to inspect a cableway before it is used.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Real-Time Water Data - Links to USGS sites across the United States serving data on real-time streamflow via satellite and modem.

The Watershed Management Council - Non-profit educational organization dedicated to watershed management with members in 28 US states and 3 countries. Newsletters, conference reports, and educational information.

WWF Fresh Waters - About this organization's river basin conservation activities and the concerns that motivate them.








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