Shark Tracking Project with Conservation International Includes World’s Largest Fish

Updated: Nov 4th, 2021

Shark Tracking Project

Mother nature is being destroyed each day with different types of technological advancements. In this entire destruction, animals also are falling prey. Currently, the oceans waters are the worst affected due to pollution and other challenges. This has deliberately affected the animal habitats of the ocean as well. For example, every year, an estimated 70 million sharks are killed just for the sake of shark fin soup. The sudden depletion in the population of sharks has negatively affected the marine ecosystem.

Giti Tires have made an initiative to join conservation internationally to protect marine life and other environmental causes. In addition, Giti has come forward to help with the financial and educational support for the environment. These initiatives will certainly help to make wildlife much more protected and better their lifestyles.

Giti Tires participation

Giti has been participating in many conservational causes ever since its development and launch. Currently, it has decided to help and cure mother nature with Conservation International (CI). The main purpose of conservational internationalism is to protect the environment in and around Asia effectively. The partnership also includes the support of Giti with CI’s preservation efforts on shark tagging features. The technological advancement has rightly helped conservation international expand their efforts to protect the wildlife by tracking tagged fishes online.

Wildlife creatures, especially underwater, often become endangered species due to poaching. It is also a challenge to keep an eye on the underwater animal kingdom. Underwater life’s biggest threat is that of water pollution and trafficking activities. The new initiative of shark tracking of Giti with Conservation international will surely resort to this challenge. This measure helps the wildlife officials to be aware of the movement of the species underwater. The tracking initiates an online real-time tracking, including the world’s largest fish, which is tagged in Indonesia. Now, Giti has its shark ranging in 4.75 meters named after the company itself. They have asked CI to track their shark at all times on the official website of CI..

Know more about Conservation International

Conservation International is a non-profit environmental organization founded back in 1987. The main mission of the company was restructured in 2008 to better the connections of human well-being and the natural ecosystem. Since this change, they have been dedicated to creating more partnerships with indigenous communities, governments, and corporations. CI’s main aim is to ideally help nature refigure its originality by healing on its own. It has been working for 30 years and protecting the effects of nature. The company initiatives to take a proper grasp over the protection with the help of effective partnerships, science, and better policies. More than 1,000 people are working with CI, along with 2,000 several partners spread across 30 countries.

The team has supported 1200 well-protected areas, safeguarding an approximate limit of 601 million hectares of coastal areas, marine life. CI in 2015 has also worked on sharks. They attached a satellite to the whale shark’s dorsal fin to identify their route underwater during that time. Conservation international at that time effectively partnered with the fishermen to connect the sharks with the satellite. This helped the scientists to study the whereabouts of the sharks and how they were in danger of poachers. The satellites attached with the whale shark had a battery life of two years; thereby, there was no need to reinstall it if any emergency occurred.

Giti has previously also partnered with Conservation International to safeguard the lives of 400 Orangutans from the forest. They have also taken better policies to help the locals earn some livelihood with rubber production. Thereby, CI does not only have positive policies for wildlife but also for humans.

The conservationist Tire Salesman – Dr. Enki Tan

Enki Tan is the main chairman of Giti Tire, one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers. He is also a scuba diver and inveterate explorer with a very deep personal commitment to conserving the environment. So, when he was asked to join the partnership with Conservation international in 2004, he happily joined it as it was his passion to help the environment. Tan expressed his beliefs on Conservation International’s approach to saving underwater life and benefit future generations.

Giti Tire

The root of the tire business went back to Singapore and started its journey in 1951. The company services several products like auto-serving outlets and motorsport teams with tire dealers as well. It has its consumer in more than 130 countries in the entire world. Currently, the company has its production in three countries and a new launch in South Carolina, USA. Other than only increasing its revenue, the company also seeks to develop a better value for conservation and nature with the help of Conservation International. Giti also aspires to serve the nature and environment in future with CI with more projects.


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