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Soil Erosion.

Soil Erosion.



Recommended Sites:

Best Management Practices for Soil Erosion - An downloadable program provided by Purdue University with introductory information on different kinds of soil erosion such as geological erosion and accelerated erosion.

Corn, Soil Tillage and Soil Erosion - Specific information regarding soil management and the benefit of corn when combatting erosion.

Demonstration Erosion Control Home - The Demonstration Erosion Control (DEC) project investigates the effectiveness of reducing erosion, sedimentation, and flooding.

Environmental and Economic Costs of Soil Erosion and Conservation Benefits - Excerpts from article in Science magazine, by Pimentel et al . (1995).

Erosion and Soil and Water Conservation Group - Information on this group based at Wageningen University which focuses on education and research into preventing, reducing or recovering losses of soil, water and plant nutrients.

Erosion processes and modelling - Provides information on the processes and modelling of raindrop impact induced erosion abd the modelling of erosion in catchments (watersheds)

Eurosem - Resources related to the European soil erosion model, which simulates erosion on an event basis for fields and small catchments.

Geoindicators: Soil and Sediment Erosion - Basic information about erosion patterns, causes, and solutions.

Ground Cover Plants - Article on ground cover usage, advantages, and disadvantages. Includes a checklist of over 250 types of plants.

International Erosion Control Association - Provides education, resource information and business opportunities for professionals in the erosion and sediment control industry.

National Sedimentation Laboratory - It emphasizes research dealing with soil erosion; transport and deposition of sediment; movement of chemicals on upland areas and in streams; the impact of agricultural practices, in-stream structures, and bank protection on these processes; water quality; and the ecological well-being of streams.

National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory - This U.S. Department of Agriculture area is the focal point for the national research program in soil erosion by water.

The National Soil Tilth Laboratory - Research focuses on the areas of soil and water quality, agricultural systems, swine odor and manure management, and agricultural land and water management.

OLIVERO EU Research project - A project aiming to improve olive plantation systems on sloping and mountainous land. These are vital for erosion and fire control in most of the Mediterranean countries.

Organic Agriculture - Chemical agricultural practices are contributing to global warming, climate change, weather pattern disruption, erosion, and starvation.

Permanent Cover Cropping System, Steve Groff, Cedar Meadow Farm - This site covers innovative practices and cropping strategies to increase profits and greatly reduce soil erosion and pesticides.

Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area - Non-regulatory organization that works to enhance and protect the Redwood and Cottonwood Rivers. Journals, technical information, news, events, images, and details of how to get involved.

Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2 - Overview of RUSLE2 - Computer program that estimates rates of soil erosion caused by rainfall and associated overland flow. Free download available together with documentation and manuals.

Serious Erosion Areas - A look at some of the serious erosion areas in the United States.

Soil and Water Conservation Society - The Soil and Water Conservation Society is an international organization that fosters the science and the art of soil and water conservation to achieve sustained use of land resources.

Soil Erosion in Agricultural Systems - Cause and effects of soil erosion in agricultural systems.

Soil Erosion Net - Collection of information on soil erosion from a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Soil Erosion on Farmland - Online publication from New Zealand government sustainable agriculture program. Intended as a source of information for use by farmers, local government, farmer organisations, farm advisers and others who have an influence on rural land use.

Soil Resource Management - References about the fertility, compaction, testing and conservation of soil. Published by the University of Nebraska.

Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. - Sustaining and protecting the soil and natural resources for production.

Sustainable Agriculture Tour -- Erosion Control Structures - Diversion terraces, grassed waterways, surface inlets, and hedgerows are the most common structures used for soil conservation.

USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory - Information regarding: Erosion process research, erosion control research, and delivery of improved erosion prediction technology.

Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) - The WEPP-model, developed by the U.S. Department.







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