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Recommended Sites:

California State University, Sacramento, Stormwater Program - Analytical tools and information on water quality standards, stormwater management, and impaired water bodies in California.

CIRIA: Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems - Provides an introduction to sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) and updates on current good practice in their use.

Guide to Financing Stormwater Management - Designed to help communities find ways to pay for stormwater management projects. Includes an annotated bibliography, archives, manuals, case studies and links to specific resource sites.

The Integrated Pond - Publication describes how to design stormwater retention and detention ponds to provide attractive community space. Includes case studies and references.

Low Impact Development Urban Design Tools - Provides tools and techniques to meet regulatory and receiving water protection program goals.

NCDENR Stormwater and General Permis Unit - Source of information on the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Stormwater Management Programs. Stormwater permits, manuals, factsheets, forms, and guidance documents.

Orange County California, Introduction to the Stormwater Program - Information on Orange County, California's stormwater projects. Providing Best Management Practices (BMP), resources, and documents.

San Mateo Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program - STOPPP - Information and resources to assist residents of San Mateo County, California, in reducing the amount of contaminated runoff which flows to local streams, the San Francisco Bay, and Pacific Ocean.

Stormwater - The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals - Monthly magazine for professionals in stormwater management, published by Forester Communications, Inc. Includes text access.

Stormwater Action Forum - Online discussion of stormwater management, watershed restoration, and related topics.

Stormwater Industry Association - Provides information on stormwater including effects, causes, and treatments. Offers publications, forums, conference and membership information.

Stormwater Managers Resource Center - A technical clearinghouse for stormwater practitioners and U.S. local government officials. Extensive information on nonpoint pollution and protecting stormwater quality.

The Stormwater Reporter Newsletter - Provides information on financing, management and planning for San Diego's stormwater issues.

Urbanwater.info - A directory of urban water management practices, for both urban design and management of construction sites.







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