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Recommended Sites:

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme - Information about studies of contaminants in the Arctic environment, including sources, transport, and effects on biota and humans.

Bioassessment and Biocriteria - U.S. EPA website includes a primer and FAQs on biological criteria and their application, guidelines on their use in aquatic ecosystems, case studies, and links/contacts for additional information.

California Wildlife Exposure Factor and Toxicity Database - Search a compilation of exposure factors (i.e., ecological and physiological data) and toxicity data for a number of California mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Ecological Risk Analysis Tools and Applications - Information for use in conducting ecological screening and baseline risk assessments, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Ecotoxicology and Stress Biology - Information on the research being undertaken in the ESBRC at the University of Plymouth.

Ecotoxicology-L Archives - Provides discussion list focusing on risk assessment and ecotoxicology issues. On line LISTSERV at Virginia Tech.

Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia - General information about 118 elements, compounds, and products. U.S. National Park Service, February 1998.

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory - ETL has developed an innovative environmental technology, the Tetramitus Assay. This bioassay detects toxicity in sediment, whole water and other samples.

European Network Bioindication - Assess air quality by the use of bioindicator plants in eleven European cities. Provides information about the project, news, resources and results.

EXTOXNET - The EXtension TOXicology NETwork - Fully searchable and selectively retrievable databases of pesticide toxicology and environmental chemistry information.

Institute of Experimental Medicine: Department of Genetic Ecotoxicology - Outlines research being done in the Czech Republic into the genetic damage caused by genotoxic and carcinogenic compounds.

IPMRC Ecotoxicology Page - General introduction to ecotoxicology and information about its role in pest management from the Integrated Pest Management Resource Centre.

Jason Conder's Ecotoxicology Research - Information on heavy metals research, career vitae, and links to other ecotoxicology sites. Research on bioavailability, toxicity, and environmental fate of TNT in aquatic sediments and heavy metal bioavailability in soil.

Lemnatec - Provides ecotoxicology testing products and services. Describes the Lemna (duckweed) bioassay test for detecting and evaluating hazardous substances in ecosystems.

MitoScan Rapid Mitochondria-based Bioassays - Toxicity test kits for diverse applications in environmental eco-toxicity monitoring, effluent management and product safety screening using a rapid mitochondria-based biosensor.

Pequitec - Specialists for the supply and construction of ecotoxicology testing equipment and agricultural research equipment.

University of Antwerp Laboratory for Ecophysiology, Biochemistry and Toxicology - Provides information on research.

Working Group Ecotoxicology - Provides information on program at the Dresden University of Technology Institute of Hydrobiology.

Did PCB's Save the Stripers? A Fish Story - New York Times article about the fact that striped bass are thriving in the Hudson River because PCBs deter fishing, even though PCBs actually are harmful to the fish. However, fish in Newark Harbor have adapted to contaminants. [Requires free registration.] (March 25, 2003)

Unknown Contaminant Found In Seabird Eggs - Researchers found an unidentified organohalogen contaminant in the eggs of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean seabirds. If a marine organism is the source, this would be the first instance of a naturally produced organohalogen accumulating in the eggs of wild birds. (December 11, 1998)








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