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Recommended Sites:

Activated Sludge Microorganisms - Discusses and illustrates the organisms in sludge, and what can be learned by microscopic analysis of biological treatment systems for wastewater.

Ames, Iowa Water and Pollution Control Department - Drinking water and wastewater treatment provider for the City of Ames, Iowa

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority - The CCMUA treats 55-60 million gallons per day of wastewater in Camden County, NJ, USA. Topics run from industrial pretreatment to sludge disposal.

Cap-Net.Org - Water education and training, integrated water resources management, IMRM, IWRM, reports, training material, case studies, information, specialists, global water partnership, capacity building in IWRM, database of global water management, training institutes.

ChemDen Nitrate Conversion Pilot Plant - Information about a new denitrification technology to convert nitrate in wastewater, agriculture runoff, and other waters to nitrogen gas. [PDF]

CIPCA - Colorado Industrial Pretreatment Coordinators Association

Clean River Works, Portland's Combined Sewer Overflow Program - A collection of sewer projects for reducing CSOs from the west side of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

Database Central - Wastewater organisms database.

Ecowaters Projects - CEPP conducts workshops, demonstrations, evaluation and public education about ecological wastewater solutions, such as composting toilets and graywater systems.

Flush Gordon's Wastewater Page - Introduction to water pollution, wastewater treatment, and water analysis. Useful as an educational resource, with diagrams and many links.

Iowa Water Pollution Control Association - Design, construction, operation, and management of water pollution control works and exchange of information.

Irepolia Environmental studies and analysis center - Conducts research and technology development on wastewater treatment methods. Site is in English and French.

King County Industrial Waste Program - How the county (Washington state, USA) regulates industrial discharges into its wastewater system, including discharge limits, approvals, enforcement, and fees.

Living Technologies Ltd. - Designs and builds ecological wastewater treatment systems called 'Living Machines in UK.

Maine Lagoon Systems - Information about the operation and science of aerated lagoons for wastewater treatment.

Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA) - A forum for all water environment topics.

Mr. Wastewater's Duckweed Home Page - Description of the biology, ecology and botany of duckweed (Lemnaceae) and its use in treating wastewater.

NSF International: Certified Wastewater Treatment Units - Database of wastewater treatment processes and equipment (for industrial, municipal, and residential use) that have been evaluated and certified to meet technical standards.

Sewage World - Wastewater and water treatment plants around the world: virtual visit and industrial flowcharts

U.S. EPA Office of Wastewater Management - Information on wastewater treatment technologies, NPDES permitting requirements, biosolids management, EPA water quality initiatives, and other water quality topics.

Wastewater fact sheet - From Pipeline* by National Small Flows Clearinghouse. This publication has been adapted for use in Indiana by Purdue University

Wastewater Pollution in China - An article on wastewater pollution in China, by Kris Min.

Wastewater Treatment Principles and Regulations - Fact sheet on wastewater treatment, by Ohio State University.

Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association - WWEMA is a non-profit trade organization for companies that manufacture products sold to the potable water and wastewater treatment industries. Members supply leading-edge products and technologies, offering solutions to numerous water-related environmental problems and needs.

WaterWiser - Water efficiency clearning house. Directory of water and wastewater related publications, products and services.

WaterWorld Magazine: Municipal Water/Wastewater Information - Liquid and solid waste, water quality, contamination and pollution information, trends and technology online for professionals in the municipal water and wastewater industry.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Wastewater Engineering - Municipal Wastewater, Academic and Research Institutions, Professional and Trade Organizations, Consultants, Suppliers, Resource bases, Company listing collections, Pretreatment, and Agencies.








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