What is Global Habitat Destruction?

Global Habitat Destruction

Habitat destruction is happening all around us, in so many ways large and small. The term global habitat destruction is simply a reference to the sum of all of the parts,- the sum total of all of these smaller impacts on a larger, planetary scale. If you have gained one bit of insight from this brief introduction on the challenges surrounding the issue of global warming, it is my hope as the author that you are seeing now that the issues involved are extremely complex and intertwined with a broad range of lifestyle connections,- forever linked with the challenges of providing transportation for, as well as feeding, an ever-growing human population. Global warming has a multi-faceted relationship with our actions and our environment, beginning with each of us as individuals, and extending to our cities and states, our nations, as well as the entire world.

As I was growing up, first as a child, and later as a young adult and now as an older adult, I remember reading about and hearing references in the media to different terms and catch phrases, like acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer, and more recently, the ever-prevalent references to global warming and climate change. The media goes through stages according to whatever is the hot topic of the day.

While the issues that these types of words refer to are ever-present and all-important issues, the hype surrounding them tends to be ephemeral. It comes and goes according to whatever works best in grabbing attention in the headlines of the day.

At the end of the day, if I could have my wish it would be that I like this site to be a reminder that these words are basically all labels, describing symptoms all pointing to one over-riding theme,- a a consequence of ‘global habitat destruction.’ And no matter what label is attached to the individual symptoms, I encourage you to think of them globally. They are all the product of the same world-view, of seeing our world as a resource. Extracting and burning producing and manufacturing, and using our land, air, and oceans as an unlimited resource, and a bottomless trashcan receptacle to receive our waste.

Living in our own swill, we are basically pretending that the world is a giant bottomless trashcan that is never going to fill up.

The end result of this world-view is an infinite number of different symptoms and effects, including air pollution, water pollution, and plastic pollution, and in terms of global warming and climate change, an impact both on rainfall and weather patterns, including extreme weather events ranging from heat waves, to droughts, to forest fires, to hurricanes, the melting of ice caps and glaciers, and the rising of sea levels.

With an untold number of side effects on our health, such as cancer, heart and lung-disease, and even depression.

But we can break this world-view.

Solving our environmental pollution problems and the issue of global warming by replacing fossil fuels with clean energy, and improving our agricultural practices are arguably some of the most daunting challenges the human race has ever faced. But yet, what are the answers? Are they all here, right before our eyes?

In moving forward, the focus of this website will always be on the ways that you, as an individual, can overcome the feeling of powerlessness, and ways that you can vitally contribute towards a solution to the global warming problem. The model being promoted here is always that you can make a difference! And don’t let anyone, or any kind of apathy, convince you that you can’t!

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Story by John Edwards