Global Warming & Climate Change New

Global Warming & Climate Change

What is Global Warming?
Introducing the concept of global warming & climate change,-including the science behind it, answers to skeptics,- and the role of common sense. Begin here.

What are greenhouse gases?
What are they and how do they get into our atmosphere? Learn more.

Global Warming versus Climate Change
What do we mean when we use these different words? Learn more.

What is deforestation?
Deforestation is the clearing and removal of trees to support an ever-growing human population. Its principle causes and impacts. Learn more.

The impact of agriculture.
Modern-day agriculture and its impact on deforestation, climate change, and biodiversity. Learn more.

Global Habitat Destruction
Yes, you can make a difference! And you don’t have to wait for anyone else to go first. Learn more.

An Open Letter to the Graduating
Class of 2021

Part One
You can make a difference!

Part Two
What are we doing here?

Part Three
Now is your time!

Part Four
Opiate of the masses.

Part Five
Perspectives, Galileo, & Walls.

Part Six
Why Vegan?

Part Seven
Vegan for the animals.

Part Eight
Vegan for the planet.

Part Nine
Vegan for your health.

Part Ten
Believe in yourself!

Part Eleven
Conclusion: Be the change!