Introduction Part 7

Part 7

Vegan for the Animals

Some people have a saying that you have to be uncomfortable to grow. I just say,- sometimes life can be a rollercoaster,- and you have to hold on tight for the ride!!

Hang on tight for this section! It will be over soon enough!

In explaining what is vegan for the animals, I like to answer a question with a question:-

The question: What is vegan for the animals?

The answer: What’s the difference between a piece of smoked tempeh sitting on your plate,- and a piece of bacon?

The answer is that the piece of tempeh didn’t have to be forced down a dark hallway with an electric shock wand, while it was shrieking and crying and begging for its life the entire time, only to end up watching as its friends get their throats slit right before its eyes.

Or get gassed. Or get boiled squirming alive.

That energy,.. that fear, that terror,- that is what you are eating. That’s what’s on your plate.

Did you know that an adult pig has basically the same emotions, and intelligence, of a 3 year old child?

Did you know that cows are basically big dogs?

Ask yourself, are you are saying to yourself right now,- “I don’t want to think about it” ?

But while the cows get repeatedly “raped,” or”inseminated”, or whatever choice of words you prefer,- spanning the course of their entire lives,- their bright, playful puppy eyes just gradually grow dim. The light goes out, and they lose all hope. We keep them perpetually impregnated, so that our species can enjoy the luxury of milk and cheese.

After they have their babies, industry workers tell us the mother cows may even attempt to hide their newborns, because they know that the handlers are coming to take them away. And, after the children are taken anyway, the mothers will cry for days,- just like your mother would.

This is done so that the babies won’t consume the milk that is intended to be taken for our human consumption.

This process continues over and over until the day comes when, just like their egg-laying counterparts, their abused bodies, like spent cogs in a machine, just give out and they get slaughtered and ground up.

Animals beg us, and plead for their lives. They are as smart as our children and as emotionally sentient as all of us. Yet the majority of us feel and hear nothing when they speak to us.

Believing that this mass assembly-line treatment of animals is ok, is a construct that we get indoctrinated into beginning with our own births. We are taught to see only the final, packaged product, rather than the history of energy and emotion infused into it.

Getting back to real life, I often hear people say things like,-

“But we have the right to use the other species!..” (utilitarian).

Or,- “God put the animals here for us to use!..” (religious).

Or,- “We are setting their souls free!..” (new-agey).

Occasionally someone will scamper up to me, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and with a gleam in their eye they will proudly proclaim,-

“But plants have feelings too!”

These are all great topics for future discussion,- at some point in the blog for sure!,-

But to stay focused for the moment,-

I think what I am asking of you here at this moment, is that whatever choices you make for your own life moving forward, (and I do believe it is your choice, and your own life!) and for your own diet, (and I do believe it is your own choice, and your own diet!) what I’m asking is try not to let a wall go up in your mind, blocking you from making an informed decision, and blocking you from seeing the truth, and feeling it!, for what it really is. A wall keeping you from getting uncomfortable.

I feel that inside of many of us, there is an inner child that can feel the pain that we put animals through.

But to continue with our behavior we have to suppress that inner child and block it out. Justify it.

“I don’t want to think about it!,” is amongst the most common phrases I ever hear.

By not thinking about it, we can pretend it doesn’t exist.

This is why I ask you to peek behind the wall.

If you can’t face what’s there, if you don’t want to watch a video, or see the truth with your own eyes, just be aware that you may be protecting something. A dissonance. Between your heart, and your mind. A wall protecting your thoughts and emotions.

Don’t be afraid to chip away at that wall!

Be for real. Discover your truth and live it steadfastly!

And don’t trust any authority that tries to keep things hidden from you.

Animal rights activists take great risks upon themselves by taking video behind these walls.

It’s all about gaining a perspective from another viewpoint.

At the end of the day, this is the point that I am making. The point I am making is that it seems to me as if we are still acting as if we are at the center of God’s universe.

As a race, we have established a set of utilitarian, religious, and new-age viewpoints that have not changed their essential position since the days of the Inquisition.

Consuming the world, and all of its life as our unlimited resources.

As we think of ourselves as the center of the universe, we glorify ourselves as a superior species. When we can just as easily act as humble, kind, loving and benevolent caretakers.

“Be kind to every kind,- we are here to serve.”

This is my symbology, as I like to call it,- the motto of my life,- the karma that I hope to pass along to you…

My reason for being.

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”


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