Introduction Part 8

Part 8

Vegan for the Planet

You might be a person who doesn’t believe in the reasons I’ve mentioned in going vegan for the animals,..

That’s understandable,-

What do you think about becoming vegan for the planet?

There is a growing body of evidence that indicates animal agriculture is a primary culprit in contributing to the deforestation of our planet, as well as a major contributor to the greenhouse gases causing global warming.

Forests are said to cover more than 30 percent of the land area of our planet. They help purify the air we breath and the water we drink, and they provide a home for an amazing diversity of wildlife. They also play a critical role in preventing climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Unfortunately the world’s forests, and especially the tropical rainforests, are under siege. In fact, the tropical rainforests are at the epi-center of the fight to save the environment. They’re being cut down to make room for cattle to graze. In addition, the forests are also being cut down to grow the crops needed to feed the very same cattle! It’s what we call a ‘double-whammy!’

There is evidence to suggest that if this land, and those crops were simply used to feed humans in the first place, it could be done in a more sustainable manner, feed more people, cut down fewer trees, and help us slow the progress of global warming.

The Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that an area approximately the size of Switzerland is lost to deforestation each and every year.

Agricultural animal waste poses yet another challenge to the environment. When toxic contaminants from farm waste find their way into groundwater and waterways, they pollute our drinking water and kill off aquatic life, contributing to oxygen-deprived dead zones along the coast.

Most importantly, the animal agriculture sector, which includes the production of feed crops, the manufacturing and use of fertilizer, as well as the shipment of meat, eggs, and milk, is pointed to by scientists as a primary contributor of green house gas emissions and the warming of the Earth.

As a result of all of these reasons, many experts agree that as the human population grows, animal agriculture is likely unsustainable, and a threat that is slowly choking the life out of our planet.

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