Introduction Part 9

Part 9

Vegan for your Health

If you don’t want to go vegan for the animals, and you don’t want to go vegan for the planet,-

What about going vegan for your own personal health?

It is now becoming more widely accepted that a plant-based diet offers numerous benefits when compared to a diet based on animal products, and can be helpful with the prevention and treatment of a host of modern lifestyle diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. As well as promoting beneficial weight loss!

As for myself, I can personally recommend this benefit of weight loss! This is because last time I ate a burger, the calendar said 1992! I was overweight, and probably at risk of a heart attack later in life.

Since that day, I have shed over 60 pounds!

At 55 years old, I feel like I am literally in the best physical condition of my entire life. Except for the last phase of my workout routine when I attempted to ‘rip out’, I have never gone on a strict diet, and never felt hungry. I lost weight gradually the entire time for years as my body leveled itself out. My workouts are light, and airy, and enjoyable. And I never had to train like I was going to an Olympic weight-lifting competition!

I feel great, I sleep great, my mind feels clear.

Are you saying to yourself,- “I could never do it.” ?

That same satisfaction you get from eating a steak or burger?

I get that feeling, that same satisfaction every day,- from eating very hearty, very satisfying plant-based meals! Without eating beef, chicken, pork, or fish. Or wearing any accessories composed of their by-products.

Don’t get me wrong,- I approach you with all humility.

I’m no superman!

And I leave much to be desired. I’m not tall, and I’m not rich! I don’t have the biggest muscles and I don’t have the rugged good looks of a movie star. Let’s just say it is doubtful I will ever run an iron man competition. Nor am I a macho-man who can strap on 50 pounds of fire-fighting gear to my back, and clamor up dozens of flights of steps!

Nope! Not me!

But, at 55 years old, what I have found is an energy that vitalizes me, sustains me, and has me in the best physical condition I’ve ever been in. And nothing makes me happier than sharing this aspect of my lifestyle with you!

Working in the restaurant business as long as I have, I frequently work 10 to 12 hour shifts on busy weekends,- physical, hard work,- without taking a break.

No worries!! I have tons of natural energy!

Several times a week, in the middle of the summer, I run in the afternoon before I go to work at the restaurant,- for miles at a time in 105 degree heat index temperatures through the North Carolina forest. Barely break a sweat.

And my immune system? So far it’s a beast! (knock on wood!)

In over 20 years now, over 20 years!,- I have experienced flu-like symptoms only a few times, and for just a grand total of just a few days,- barely even catching a cold!

And that’s while I’m working in restaurants, where I’m handling cash, and being exposed to the breathing of hundreds of people, at close range, every single day. Every time a bug nips me my immune system seems to fight it right off!

All of these things convince me that following a vegan diet is the single best thing a person can do for good health!

And I am very passionate about sharing the vegan lifestyle with you!

As a final note about veganism, I would add that if you were to choose to take this journey of lifestyle and learning, you may be surprised by some of the things you learn…

About words, and how words can be used to lead us.

For example,-

A meat-based product labeled cruelty-free?

Just sayin’.

Free range? …. Ask yourself, what does that really mean?

Humanely slaughtered???

That one gets three question marks.

These are all labels given to keep you comfortable,-

To keep you from looking behind the wall.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” …. Mark Twain

If you have any interest in trying out an eco-friendly, vegan lifestyle for yourself of your own free will,- my promise to you is that I will be always be here for you.

In what ever way I can be.

So that you won’t have to go it alone!

And you won’t have to give up after three days either! 😉

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